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Invoicing can be Art!

BillSonar Invoice Mac OS X Design Editor

A positive opening bid is the key to succes, and an important part of this is the image of documents given out by the company. With the creation of an elaborate facade, your company will be well recognized and memorized by your clients.

You can form a uniform outlook, fitting in and suitable for the business' image. The appearance of every element on the document can be freely adjusted and customized by a simple, easy-to-learn editing surface. We help your work with pre-set templates, which can be duplicated and modified at will. Although, limitless numbers of custom templates can be made.

You can create your own personal image in only a few simple steps

Place in text contents

Type in the text you would like to appear, or choose from the pre-defined formats.

Place in graphic content

Deposable graphic elements can be: line, rectangle, image, background. These can be used in optional numbers.

Set the features of elements

Drag elements in their place and set their features e.g.: colour, background colour, line width, frame, opacity, font type, font style, etc.

Inspect the preview

During editing, you can take an instant look at the preview by pressing buttons ⌘R

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